In dragon’s heart and bloodless bain,

A restless evil searched in vain;

A hope to find, a hope to fill

Four warriors’ cries and blood to spill.

Across the ocean, fast they flew

To creep on him at light’s first dew.

Then spotted there in dust they lay,

Never to see the light of day.

An endless sleep they there fulfilled

Til on their thrones they can be killed.

We ask you now to find them there;

Venture forward, if you dare.


What if?


Here’s a snippet of the short fictional piece I’m working on at the moment:

The glowing blue orb blinks like a beacon against the backdrop of nothingness. A dark shadow passes over its center, and it flickers. Once again, it begins to pulse, changing colors now. There is nothing comforting about its presence – clearly a warning of some kind, clearly a sign of something not meant to be.

All at once, it goes blank. There is nothing again, the space and warped time undisturbed in their curtain of darkness. Left behind, however, is the sound of an alarm, ringing throughout outer space. The sound of Them.

I got the idea from my Spanish teacher. She used this as a demonstration of a sentence: “No hay plantas en el espacio” – there are not plants in space. What if there are…? It’s not going to be one of those sci-fi shorts, hopefully. I love building civilizations, especially in places where the limits are imagination. What better than the mysterious realm of outer space? So, here we go! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section. It’s short, but intros should get you hooked. Do you feel hooked?







The Wordbenders

We take the words, we scrape them together, we shove our fingers under them and pry them up. We stuff them in corners, we turn and shape them to fit, we subtly alter their appearance. We bend words.

We are wordbenders.

© Pascal Campion



Spring ahead-06rdc
© Pascal Campion

Today, I’d like to propose a question to think over, to ponder, and to memorize within our minds, so that when the right time comes, we might be ready to answer: what is the importance of beauty in our lives? And more than that, to add to that, what is beauty?

No, I’m not talking about the kind of beauty that is praised in our culture (however much people attempt to say otherwise). The word “beauty” doesn’t mean a thin waist or perfect curves to me here. I’m speaking about something much less superficial, but yet something we see on a day to day basis.

First, what is this beauty I’m talking about? I’m talking about the beauty we see around us in the landscapes, in the simple way the sunlight falls through the trees, in the smile that lights up a person’s face. It’s as if the entire world is singing a song of joy, and most days we simply ignore it and turn away, because we are too busy to appreciate beauty. On your happiest summer day, where you got outside, where you experienced something magical in a secluded clearing, where you wrote about the cloudy sky and the way that it turns on its head and pours down its tears, summersaulting in the air…what do you think it was that made you so happy?

I’m not saying that it had to be the beauty of the grass and trees and sunlight, or the thousands of different shades and colors you saw around you, but do you think you would’ve been as happy minus all of these things?

For me, the beauty of the world, or the seeming lack of it, adds tremendously to my moods (or may take significantly away from them). Keep in mind, I am a pessimist through and through — I tend to always focus on the glass-half-empty part of things. (If, however, I was presented with a glass which contained precisely half of its contents, I would not say, “wow, this glass is half empty.” I would most likely drink it, without saying anything, as that would result in the spewing of the contents of the glass.)

I’m not constantly looking out the window and nudging someone to say, “look how beautiful it is today!” But on days that I get out and feel the warm sun (or, in fact, the frigid rain) on my skin, it makes me want to leap for joy.

So, after reading a few paragraphs of my rambling, what are you thinking? If you do take something away from this, I ask you to ponder what beauty adds to your life and what importance it creates daily for you. If you’d like, drop a comment and tell me what it is. I believe that beauty is necessary in the lives of everyone, and that if we look at what’s right in front of our noses, we just might see it there.

Make sure to value beauty and remember what a gift it is in your life. Don’t take it for granted, or you might find yourself forgetting that it’s there altogether, especially if it’s a gloomy, gray winter, as it is in my corner of the world. Please feature it occasionally in your mind’s eye, please lightly close your eyes and grin when you step into the sunshine, please be a kid and run out into the pouring rain, stomping in every puddle you come across to your heart’s desire.

I try to make my blog a place of beauty, depth, and thought. My hope is that the beauty I focus on here might decide to leap through your device and into your day, that the depth I delve into may enable you to see past the superficial, and that the thoughts I portray might make their way into a corner of your brain for you to toy with. Maybe you will recognize this blog as a tiny little sliver of beauty in the wide realms of the internet, but I’d rather you take away one thing: the importance of beauty, and maybe, just maybe, its source.





© Walter Colvin

A perfect description of writer’s block for me:

“I was sitting in a field of pine trees, coaxing the words from the earth and the dirt; I sought a muse but the words just wouldn’t come…” — Ezra Vine

I think writer’s block is something that we all face, and one way or another we seek “a muse.” For me, it isn’t this huge deal or crisis, I just can’t pour my words out with the usual clarity. They come out a jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas and they don’t make any form of sense. It always makes me grumpy or disappointed…but eventually it comes back, and then I have trouble writing it all down.

It reminds me of when you’re watering flowers, and there’s a kink in the hose. You eventually realize what the problem is and unkink it, but you’re accidentally pointing it at your face. The water comes shooting back out…right into your open eyes and mouth, and you come out spluttering and gasping and completely soaking wet.

Have fun finding your musings today!